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Literature review on water shortage

Water scarcity assessments in the past, present, and (PDF) Water Availability Indices–A Literature Review Water scarcity assessments in the past, present, and (PDF) Water Availability Indices–A Literature Review Literature Review: Water Shortage is the next global crisis. Water shortage has significantly threatened the world on a global scale /significantly challenged /is the key danger/biggest threat / globally/confronted by the world today Water is an essential part of life. An analytical review of physical blue and green water scarcity in terms of agricultural use, and its amenability to economic interpretation, is presented,. The Falkenmark indicator (Falkenmark 1989) is one of the most widely used measures of water. stress. The indicator measures the numb er of people. Lit Review - THE WORLDS WATER CRISIS. The world is facing a water crisis. As countries are growing, and more people are being born, the demand for water to produce goods is increasing.

The shortage of the supply versus the high demand will not sustain and many global problems will arise. The article states the idea of water being recognized as an economic good. Literature Review: Although water is most abundant substance that find on earth surface but amount of global fresh water only accounts for 3%. This small amount of fresh water underpins life and vegetation on the earth surface. Out of this 3%, the main share about 68.7% is found in Polar Regions and glaciers as ice and 30.1% as ground water. Almost 1 out of every 6 people alive are unable to adequately access water, and worse still, over double that number lack basic sanitation, for which water is a necessity.(Abebe, 2011)Almost half the population in some third world countries can’t access clean water and availability of drinking water is becoming a major socio-economic issue across the world, particularly in the.

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Literature review on water shortage

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